BioJet Microbial Foam Grease Fighter


Douglas Products' BioJet microbial surfactant is engineered to literally eat away grease, fats and oils in drain lines, sanitary sewers and lift stations.

BioJet's powerful surfactant contains bacteria that destroys all grease clinging to the inside walls of pipes, converting them into simple and safe water and carbon dioxide. Once the foam comes into contact with grease, BioJet's microbial action begins immediately. The product then creates a bacterial coating on the surface to suppress future buildup.

Other uses for BioJet include the reducing corrosion, removing foul odors, reducing the need for excessive pumping, preventing sewer overflows, and cutting the number of treatments required to maintain proper flow rates.

BioJet is recommended to provide initial cleaning or line preparation when using BioPlug CS or BioPlug L, and may also be used as part of a routine maintenance program.

BioJet foam is safe for drain lines and waste treatment systems. Contains no free enzymes or caustic/corrosive chemicals. BioJet is safe for the environment.