Grease Release Chemical Grease Remover

The Top Weapon in the Underground War Against Grease

Sewer systems simply weren't designed to handle the amount of grease pouring in from restaurants, homeowners and industry. Regardless of their design, you're still expected to keep the pipes flowing, so the grease has got to go.

The BAD NEWS is that your system's pipe surfaces are porous, giving grease a foothold to hang on and accumulate. The GOOD NEWS is that scientifically formulated Grease Release blasts out grease all the way down to the pores where it clings. These are then filled with surfactants that slow future build-ups and enhance preventative maintenance programs by coating surfaces with a grease-repelling barrier that makes cleaning simpler, easier and more effective.

Unlike other degreasing agents, Grease Release contains no phosphates or hydrocarbons that can harm the environment; instead, it features a unique blend of biodegradable, non-caustic and non-corrosive surfactants.

Use Grease Release without risk - performance is guaranteed.